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PeopleSoft & EPM Services

Experienced with Versions

8.0 HR/FS
8.4 FS
8.8 EPM

Modules include: Account Payable, Accounts Recievable, General Ledger, Billing, Purchasing, Contracts, Benefits, Payroll, DW, ESA, & HR

EPM Instances Administration

Each EPM instance will contain the services described above with the addition of:
Informatica Repository
Informatica Server
Informatica Repository Server

Services provided include: Repository backup, recovery, migration (repository, folder or map level), cloning, Shutdown/startup, and performance tuning. Additionally, we provide upgrade services from any Informatica version to 6x/7.

PeopleSoft Installations

Cloning of Peoplesoft installation to provide additional instances. Recommended instances include:
Gold Configuration
Depending on your strategy, you may require additional instances for Parallel/stress/benchmarking or others. If this installation is using a third party tool to assist in data capture, you will need at least one instance for conversion processes as well.

Each instance contains its own
Database instance
Web Server
Application Server
Reporting Server
Provided services include Administration and Documentation of all processes including: backup, recovery, shutdown/startup, cloning and tuning at the system level.