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Oracle DBA Services

Over 5 Years experience with Oracle from development to DBA. Services provided include:

  1. Installation - Unix/NT full data center build-out
  2. Administration - scripts, automation and management planning
  3. Backup/Recovery/Restore - hot/cold, point in time, restore from backup
  4. Performance Tuning - system, database and PL/SQL, new 9i functionality
  5. Capacity Planning - sizing for the database and servers

Other services include: Architecting your database systems, Reverse Engineering existing schemas, Designing storage solutions,

Oracle Architecture Solution

Knopman IT creates your architecture solution to meet your needs from the server size and disk allocation to database sizing, SGA parameters and OS tuning to enable your databases and 3rd party tools to run efficiently. Some of the decisions we can help you make:
  1. Raid/striping - what and where
  2. Disk allocation - mount point setup
  3. Capacity planning - database size, estimation of XXX years growth
  4. Datafile planning - distribute datafiles on moint points by function and size for efficiency
  5. Unix parameters - set memory allocation parameters on unix for Oracle installations

Oracle Administration Solution

Knopman IT can provide your administration solution from backup to recovery and automation of management tasks. Using Oracle's OEM (Oracle Management Server), cron via scripts or third party tools such as Control-M, we can create your scripts ensure they run when required and test the result set. :
  • Installation of Oracle on Unix or NT - 8i or 9i versions. 9i recommended for undo tablespace, local management and spfile new functions.
  • Hot/Cold backups - identification of which type or a mixed type is best for your installation. We have templates for both which are customized to your environment.
  • SGA settings - Database tuning for specific BI/Loading needs at your installation.
  • Scripts - Other scripts for adding users, synonym/grant creation, table analyze, exports, ftp, imports, parameter files and database reports (extents, tablespace and other alarms).
  • Performance Tuning - database, OS and PL/SQL layers.